Remote Architect for Office 365

Remote Architect for Office 365, a customization manager allows end users to easily create Site, Web, Content Type, Column, Workflow and Taxonomy templates.



Create templates for most common SharePoint objects. Employ best practices. Comprehensive logging to escape a jam & capture an audit history of user actions. Build web based macros to automate common tasks. Automatically synchronize schema changes with near real time delivery. Bind default values, owner + security info or just simple data types for use in templates. Easily debug deployment process using common web based tools.

  • Site

  • Web

  • Column

  • Content Type

  • List

  • Taxonomy

  • View

  • Page

  • Web Part

  • Workflow


Import Content Type Import Content Type Import Content Type

Fine tuned import allows users to control settings for importing objects created in the SharePoint UI & incorporate these assets into custom templates. Modify exported SharePoint Object JSON Schemas directly in the browser & redeploy as a template or export to a Visual Studio Project. A completely modular approach to working with schemas. Easily create development sandboxes to isolate business critical business logic and deploy into SharePoint.


Import Content Type

Empower select users with self serve permission to create sites from templates on the fly while enforcing governance policies & ensuing best practices for findability. Force users to create libraries using corp approved content types & associated flows, required fields, and default values to recentralize your decentralized data. Implement with ease using HTML5 site hooks & user friendly parameter UI.




Convention based referential framework allows you to write (or export) minimal code. Reference an existing schema to keep your templates concise & to the point. There is no longer a need for 1000s of lines of contrived XML to implement a simple template. Create a test sandbox for each of your customizations and be comfortable you’ve got it right before promoting to production


Inheritance hierarchy like most modern programming language allows users to layer templates on top of templates to easily implement shared functionality as a base template with vertical specific business logic on top. When a template is redeployed you can take comfort in a full sync of the inheritance hierarchy.


Work in Visual Studio or directly in the browser. Manage SDLC between many developers with easy transitions between tenants. Share a common taxonomy between dev, staging, uat, & production tenants. Simplify merges with easy to understand JSON file formats.


Common Tasks

  • Synchronizing metadata between tenants (Term Store).
  • Applying security in bulk.
  • Creating a list with default values & data.
  • Adding columns & content types to the site collection.
  • Creating a list with a default content type.
  • Referencing existing schema.
  • Inheriting a single schema.
  • Inheriting multiple schemas.

User Guides

How to use Remote Architect.

Schema Documentation

Schema Doocumentation

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