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Toronto based consultancy delivering practical solutions that enable your business success with Microsoft cloud technology!

SharePoint Online & ms tEAMS Modernization

Classic SharePoint sucks!  We’re hard at work moving our long time clients from classic on-premises intranets to the modern SharePoint Online & Microsoft Teams in the cloud. End users are happy, and administrators love living in a modern world.  Not to mention, it’s much easier to create something great!

Migrating to SharePoint Online & Azure

When your company eventually lands on M365, you’ll quickly want to move away from on-premises File Shares & bulky/expensive SharePoint farms. Over the past 12 months, we’ve helped our clients move millions of files online.  How can we help your users access any data from anywhere?

Cloud Education, Training & pLANNING

Educating our clients, is the first step on every project.  We need smart stakeholders, making educated decisions to enable us to do our best work!  We work with executives defining strategy, and create solutions that are easily governed enabling the entire workforce to be productive.


We thrive on challenge & only take on one or two large projects every year.
Some examples of our work to get you excited! What are your consultants working on?

We Want to Share With You

Recent whitepapers and code. Don’t forget to leave feedback on GitHub or just send us an email!

M365 Education Deck

For Stakeholders & Decision makers. We created a moderately technical education deck to help our customers get up to speed on making decisions. Having educated stakeholders is one of the best ways to maximize your investment in the Microsoft Cloud.

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Open Source Solutions

Check out our GitHub to find some interesting open source projects for download. We actively contribute to the PnP Modern Search web parts and love sharing our code. Take a browse and ask some questions What we love more is hearing what you want us to build!

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We Are Experienced In

Advisory services for your cloud enabled business


SharePoint Solutions reinvented. We've spent over 20,000 hours on SharePoint and build solutions that solve business problems without breaking budgets.

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Bulletproof Azure solutions. We've played with all the toys and love assisting enterprises planning, building and moving applications from dev to staging to production.

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JavaScript & TypeScript - been there done that! We've been in JavaScript since before web standards were standard & love building beautiful user interfaces!

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Microsoft 365

Office 365 oops, Microsoft 365 has been our playground for the last decade. Home to all the latest cloud productivity innovations, we love it & want to share that passion with you!

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Power Platform

Like the no code movement? Want to learn more about automating business process, building drag & drop apps / AI? What about reporting. We'd love to share some use cases!

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Over 20 years experience in Enterprise IT, to help you move to Azure, Microsoft 365 and integrate your on premises systems into the cloud. Let's make a plan together!

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We Are Writing About

Technical advise for your cloud enabled business. So you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did!

Configuring Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft Translator service is part of Cognitive Services and is available in the Azure portal for app developers. The service is free for up to 2 million characters of standard translation per month and includes: Standard Translation; Text Translation; Language Detection; Bilingual Dictionary; Transliteration and Custom Translation via training.

SharePoint Search Farm Topology Diagrams

We’ve got two official languages in Canada: French & English. SharePoint Online Multilingual Support plays an important role in presenting the right language to the right user. In this blog post we outline the features, and some of the challenges we’ve faced in building Modern Multilingual SharePoint Online sites.

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Matthew Stark

Founder of Making Things Work

Matt started his career at Canadian Tire Corporation building business intelligence solutions for an award winning Supply Chain. It was no easy feat for Canadian Tire when forced to defend its business against major American big box retailers entering the market. Matt was very proud to deliver cutting edge tools that improved the bottom line, automated processes, and helped CTC remain competitive.