JavaScript Solutions

JavaScript is ablaze in its own Renaissance, fuelled by a move towards more modern, more standardized browsers and the implementation of Node.js for enterprise class solutions.

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Single Page Applications

Customer expectations are increasing day by day. Your users don't have time to reload pages and wait - they want everything all on one page. Your business demands mobile growth without the budget for native app development. Single Page Applications provide that native app feel, performance improvements, and can stand on top of your legacy infrastructure.

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jQuery Plugins

You've run across a plug-in that does most of what you want but need some changes for it to fit my needs. We've created and customized many jQuery plugins over the years. The more challenging the better. Augment your Intranet, Business Application or Website with a custom plugin / user interaction to keep your users active and engaged.

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Angularjs Components

Between legacy code that has been around for N years jumping from developer to developer with no documentation. To over complicated interfaces that are over complicating the code. To a mixture of N technologies in one single app. Lets face it, these things were not built with maintainability and support in mind. The problem we face today is, how do we fix all these apps? Where do we start? How do we bring sanity into them? How do we bring them into state of the art tech stacks?

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Nodejs Servers

Whether we like it or not, Node.js is taking over the Enterprise. Companies like eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Oracle, and WalMart Labs have been very public about the massive performance gains. Use Nodejs as a Smart Proxy, Micro Business Service Tier, Cloud Hosted App, or SPA. You will find lots of capable JavaScript developers to help build out your enterprise on Nodejs. Leveraging Node.js in a step-wise fashion, large Enterprises can move at a pace that works for their organisation. A mobility strategy can eventually lead to fundamental changes in how you deliver services to your employees and customers.

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